! Our Spanish Language School in Mexico
is situated in the magical pueblo of , Mexico located
in the majestic mountains of Michoacán. !

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Student Testimonials

    The Queretaro Language School has had the privileged of teaching students of all ages from all over the world. Here is what some of them have said about their experiences with QLS. Please feel free to contact them personally to find out first hand about their experiences. At the Queretaro Language School, our file of student feedback forms is available to anybody who would like to see them.

Queretaro Language School - student testimonials “The teaching is the best we've had! Clear, interactive, useful lessons that were well coordinated. We appreciated very much their willingness and ability to provide age appropriate classes from 3 to 73! Quite a feat!”

         - Barbara (68) & Nelson(73) Westmoreland
         - Harvard University Professors, U.S.A.
         - Email: meanwhile@fone.net
Queretaro Language School - student testimonials “It was a delightful experience! In 2 weeks they had complete success in their endeavors. I would certainly recommend the school to anyone wishing to learn or improve their Spanish. I had fun, learned and enjoyed the experience.”

         - Lauris Mckee (55)
         - Cornell University, U.S.A.
         - Email: laurmckle@aol.com
Queretaro Language School - student testimonials “The Querétaro Language School had an atmosphere which far exceeded my expectations. A lot of places quote a 'family feel', but it really did feel like a home away from home. I really enjoyed my time studying here.”

         - Becca Hardman (33)
         - Psychologist, U.K.
         - Email: contactbecca@hotmail.com
Queretaro Language School - testimonials “The Medical Spanish program I enrolled in was extraordinarily well thought out and executed based on my Spanish level. They exceeded my expectations!”

         - Dr. John Mail (57)
         - Doctor, Canada
         - Email: jmail@cw.bc.ca
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “The best part of the experience was the friendliness of the staff and their genuine desire for you to learn Spanish and the Mexican culture.”

         - Joby Linker (45)
         - Physical Therapist, U.S.A.
         - Email: JDL475@cs.com
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “The Querétaro Language School is a dynamic learning environment. The (schools) location is central. The teaching staff are well trained and have a terrific sense of humour. The school has given me the best base to start.”

         - Maggie Barret (29)
         - Photographer, U.K.
         - Email: mags_bar@hotmail.co.uk
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “We arrived at QLS not knowing any Spanish. Having classes structured to emphasize conversation and grammar separately with different teachers was excellent. We learned a lot in a relatively short time (2 months)!”

         - Ron (67) & Lena (64) Meck
         - Phd’s in Environmental Science, U.S.A.
         - Email: rlmeck2000@yahoo.com
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “I could not have asked for more! In fact, it definitely exceeded my expectations!”

         - Tom Evans (21)
         - Recent University Graduate, Australia
         - Email: tom.evans@mso.anu.edu.au
Queretaro Language School - student testimonials “The staff and teachers was excellent on all counts. A special word of praise for Sra. Chela. Her unobtrusive consideration, thoughtfulness and hospitality was a marvel.”

         - Prof. Larry Moore (62)
         - Cornell University, USA
         - Email: rlm@cornell.edu
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “The teachers were just great. All of them were excellent teachers who explained material clearly, prepared for classes and know what they wish to accomplish.”

         - Jeffrey Krenzel (57)
         - Lawyer, U.S.A.
         - Email: jkrenzel@yahoo.com
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “Everyone was wonderfully friendly and patient. I enjoyed the small groups and one-on-one classes. ”

         - Virginia Jenkins (63)
         - Art Curator, U.S.A.
         - Email: virginiajenkins@earthlink.net
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “I learned and amazing amount of Spanish.”

         - Tycho Toothtaker (12)
         - Middle School Student, U.S.A.
         - Email: tytooth@hotmail.com
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “Everything was wonderful! I very much enjoyed my time there. One of the best decisions I have made.”

         - Jen Gitchell (24)
         - Masters Student - Public Health, U.S.A.
         - Email: jengitchell@gmail.com
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “I loved the ease to get here, to pay, to learn, and to be entertained. Thank you.”

         - Dr. Barbara Gawinski (53)
         - Univeristy of Rochester Medical School, U.S.A.
         - Email: barbara_gawinski@urmc.rochester.edu
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “What a great experience - everything I hoped for!”

         - Ellie Graham (21)
         - University Student, Australia
         - Email: egra6816@usyd.edu.au
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “I cound not ask for better or more personal attention. From the first day, with personal tours, special events in town, to adjustments in the program as needed, everyone did as much as possible and more. “

         - Prof. Thomas Anastasio (72)
         - Salisbury University (Retired), U.S.A.
         - Email: taanastasio@earthlink.net
Queretaro Language School - student feedback “Loved it!“

         - Ethan Linker (17)
         - High School Student, U.S.A.
         - Email: ethlink@gmail.com
Queretaro Language School - testimonials “Thank you for the great learning experience and time with you, your faculty and your school.“

         - Dr. Stephan Barnett(63)
         - Doctor, U.S.A.
         - Email: sbarnettmd@aol.com
Queretaro Language School - testimonials “I learned quite a lot in the week I attended QLS. The teachers are naturals, a real joy.“

         - Brett Johnson(40)
         - District Attorney , U.S.A.
         - Email: blj@sweetwaterhsa.com
Queretaro Language School - testimonials “The whole experience couldn't have been better for me. From the minute I arrived, I felt safe and a part of the school which is very important when traveling alone. The school is a great success because of their high standards and their professional and caring attitudes“

         - Jane Sprague(43)
         - English Teacher , Canada
         - Email: jane.eslcanada@gmail.com
Queretaro Language School - testimonials “The best part of my experience were the teachers. The are exceptional. Very clear communication between the administration, the teachers and me. I look forward to coming back to QLS.“

         - Beverly Urbanic(77)
         - Retired, U.S.A.
         - Email: beverlyu@sbcglobal.net



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