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The State of Querétaro

Querétaro Language School - Las Ranas

    Located in the central Bajío region of México, the state of Querétaro, with its year round temperate climate, is one of México’s breadbaskets. It is also one of México’s best kept secrets. The state is overflowing with historical sites and natural beauty. Before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1531, the area was inhabited by the Otomí and Púrhépech tribes and by a small contingent of the nomadic Chichimecas. Ruins are scattered throughout the state. Especially noteworthy are the Pyramid in Corregida and the sites of Las Ranas and Toluquilla in the Sierra Gordas mountain range.

Querétaro Language School - Peña de Bernal

    In the Sierra Gorda, where hiking trails and camp grounds abound, tourists can enjoy lush forests full of wildlife, hidden trails, rivers and waterfalls or explore the mountain range’s five Franciscan Missions (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)with their richly decorated churches. The truly adventurous can climb Peña de Bernal, the world’s third largest monolith (weighing 20 million tons), and enjoy a view of its surroundings from a height of 350m (1150ft).

Querétaro Language School - San Miguel de Allende

    Unique cities and towns dot the landscape of Querétaro and add to the state’s appeal. Large cities like Querétaro and San Juan del Rio have become industrial magnets, while smaller towns like Pedro Escobedo, with their functioning haciendas, offer windows onto Mexico’s past. The town of Peñamiller is the point of departure for boat trips through the stunning El Paraiso canyon with its walls of black marble. Tequisquiapan, a quiet getaway just outside of the city of Querétaro, is known for its rejuvenating hot springs.

Querétaro Language School - Las Estudiantinas

    The State of Querétaro holds many attractions for tourists. But it is also a great base from which to tour the rest of central Mexico. Mexico City, with its Aztec ruins and world class museums, lies just a short distance to the south. A few hours to the north there lies the city of Zacatecas with its spectacular cathedral, a building widely regarded as one of Mexico’s best example of Spanish Baroque architecture and a testament to the fabulous wealth once generated by the city’s silver mines. Also to the north, at a much shorter distance, lie two must see towns, the old mining town of Guanajuato, where every night minstrels (las Estudiantinas) lead dancing crowds through the town’s streets and alleys, and the small town of San Miguel de Allende, known for its many small art galleries and made famous by Tony Cohan’s novel "On Mexican Time." The state of Michoacán, whose forests are blanketed each year in September by millions of exhausted, monarch butterflies recently arrived from North America, lies a few hours to the west of Queretaro. Finally, on September 16th one can travel south east to Dolores Hidalgo (known as the Cradle of Mexican Independence) and watch a reenactment of the Miguel Hidalgo's famous speech in which he declared México's independence from Spain on the steps of the local church. In short, Querétaro is a perfect home base for those interested in exploring central Mexico’s rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage.


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