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Survival Spanish Classes

    Our unique Survival Spanish Packages have been created for those who want to learn enough Spanish to survive in México or in another Spanish speaking country. Each Survival Spanish Package contains a dynamic mix of classroom study and real world applications. The packages are ideal for tourist who have planned trips through México or Latin America and for newly arrived expatriates who are urgently in need of enough Spanish comfortably to perform day-to-day tasks.

    Each package consists of a set of themes. Five Themes are included in the Survival Week Package, three in the Survival Day Package, and one in each Survival by the Hour Package. Below is a list of our standard themes:

   Day at the Market

   Eating Out

   Asking Directions

   Making Reservation

   Introducing Yourself/Others

   Describing Yourself/Others/Objects

   Understanding Time


   Giving Simple Instructions

   Looking for Apartments/Houses

    If you are interested in a Theme that does not appear on this list, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    The three Survival Packages offered by Queretaro Language School appear below. Please click on the packages for details.

   Survival Week    Survival Day
   Survival By The Hour    

Survival Week

    The Queretaro Language School Survival Week Package is a comprehensive 5 day course that teaches students how to interact with Spanish speakers in the performance of typical, day-to-day tasks—shopping in the market, ordering food in a restaurant, getting and giving directions, contracting a service, etc. Each day of class covers one Theme. The day is divided into two segments: 1.5 hours of class study, and 1.5 hours of teacher guided practice in real-life situations. We offer a dozen standard Themes, but will gladly tailor a survival package to your particular specifications.

Private (15 hours)
Group (15 hours)


Survival Day

    At the Querétaro Language School we know that there is never time to do everything you want to do. With this in mind, we offer a Survival Day Package t that provides students with a crash course in survival Spanish. This one-day package gives you nine hours of instruction with just a 30-minute break. We will cover three themes during the 4.5 hours of classroom instruction. Then you will spend 4.5 hours in the community, with your teacher, practicing what you have learned.

Private (9 hours)
Group (9 hours)


Survival By The Hour

    Busy? Just passing through Querétaro? NNeed to learn how to ask for directions or how to order food from a Spanish menu? Then our Survival By The Hour Package s for you. With this package you can choose from our list of Themes, and, in a single morning or afternoon, acquire the basic vocabulary and the phrases necessary to communicate in that situation.

Private (3 hours)
Group (3 hours)



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